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Willow Glen CA Locksmith Store Willow Glen, CA 408-933-3695Legal requirements demand that commercial establishments such as malls, bars, restaurants and educational institutions such as schools and universities are provided with emergency exits enabling quick escape in untoward situations. It is legally mandatory that these emergency exits must not be locked. This has given birth to the panic bars – popularly known as push bars that act as pseudo locks which allow these exits to be easily opened from inside while not offering to open from outside. Willow Glen CA Locksmith Store offers efficient lock installation service; our expert locksmiths can get it done in the shortest possible time. We have helped numerous businesses and organizations in area to install this type of security provision to their premises and achieve protection from external threats.

How do push bars work?

Push bars, also called as exit bars or crash bars, come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They normally include vertically or horizontally connected spring-loaded system which gets activated when pressed or pushed for opening the door from inside. In the event of emergencies, people just need to press the bar down and push the door to get it opened.

Which push bars should you get?

Unique features of the commercial premises determine the type of security devices required to be fixed. Factors such as number of levels in the building, number of emergency exits, their location, building safety codes, occupancy, and budget also need to be considered. In case you are unsure about which one to choose, professional locksmiths in Willow Glen CA Locksmith Store will guide you by offering free consultation. After carefully examining the various factors in your premises, they provide you with list of suggestions that suit your needs well.

Can push bars keep your door locked?

It is possible to prevent opening the door from outside by using push bars. When panic bars are used, alarms fixed on them will ensure that nobody can steal anything and escape through the emergency exit. The alarm starts ringing the moment anyone attempts tampering. Certain tamper-proof models are also available that offer still more security against threats from outside.

We can install new push bars 24/7

For installing new push bars or repairing existing ones, you may call 408-933-3695 to avail the reliable service of Willow Glen CA Locksmith Store. We provide round the clock assistance and take up emergency assignments even on holidays. We have a team of trained and experienced locksmith professionals who are capable of handling client requests in the shortest possible time.

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